Springs Preserve

The Springs Preserve has been a long-time staple of families in Las Vegas. Most of my friends and I have purchased season passes. Not only do we love stopping in and out of the great exhibits, but we support the preservation of the springs that started the city of Las Vegas.


We start our days at the exhibits at The Springs Preserve. They has some of the best interactive exhibits that dig into the history of Las Vegas.  Some of them include:

  • Origen Museum
  • Nevada State Museum
  • WaterWorks
  • Sustainability Gallery & Nature Exchange
  • DesertSol

A long-standing favorite with us is the Flash Flood Exhibit at the Origen Museum where we can be part of a reenacted flash flood.  They have recently added some more features in the Origen Museum that kids can’t get enough of.  It’s definitely worth stopping into on a warm day.

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Every time we go to the Springs Preserve, we have to stop in to see the animals. They have an array of desert animals including rabbits, lizards, a grey fox, and what my son calls the “angry rattlesnakes.”


While we wait for the train, we love to play on the playground. There are many climbing features and slides surrounded by humungous statues of wild animals.

A favorite for my son is the large sand pit complete with a statue of a Wooly Mammoth’s skeleton.

Trails & Train Rides

All aboard! If you can, time your visit in a way where you take a break riding the free train.  One of our favorite things to do is to have our packed lunches on the trip.  The course of the train has changed through the years.  Currently, it will take it’s riders to Boomtown and back.

Boomtown 1905

Boomtown is like taking a time machine back to 1905 Las Vegas. You can take the train to this recreation of some of the most interesting places to go over a century ago including a hotel, store, bank and so much more.

Many of the locations have activities that kids can try like a paper stamp in the bank and a roulette wheel in the Arizona Club

Botanical Garden

On the way to the Butterfly Habitat, you will walk through beautiful botanical gardens that cover the grounds featuring some of the best-adapted desert plants. Having lived most of my life in the City of Roses, I can’t help to be impressed by the Spring’s extensive Rose Garden.

Butterfly Habitat

Get ready for a beautiful walk, but watch where you’re stepping!  At certain times of the year, the Springs Preserve has its Butterfly Habitat open.  A closed-in butterfly house has some of the most vibrant butterflies from all around the world.  Butterflies dance around flowers, plants, and water fountains.

Splash Pad

We end our day at the splash pad which is filled with creative botanical geysers and a very fun water play table. Right next to the splash pad is a toddler playground.  Then, in 2023, the Springs Preserve has made some major updates to the area including restrooms and a concessions stand.  Another cool feature in this location is a drinking fountain with a bottle-filling spout so you can fill up your water bottles.

Upcoming Events at the Springs Preserve


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