Kelly Rossi

Hi, I’m Kelly Rossi, a single working GenX mom of a wonderful toddler.

I have been a web developer since the late ’90s and have created a few fun things online. I moved to Las Vegas in 2010 to be the web developer for the professional skateboarding competition the Maloof Money Cup. You’ll still see my references to that in the skate park profiles on this site.

How Did This Site Start?

Before having my son, I was a was an active fur mom taking my dogs to at least one park a day.  What I noticed was that Googling “Dog Park” would give me every park that someone would mention their dog in a review. So I’d show up to parks and there was no dog park.

Fast forward to having a toddler and found the same issue when trying to find parks, places to play in the sand, splash pads or what park would let us drive a remote control boat in the lake.

Then the concept for this site was born.

This site takes all of the family-friendly activities from all over the Las Vegas area, then organizes them by features so you can quickly and easily be on your way to having a fun day with your family!

I believe that even though this city has been coined the term “Sin City”, there are more than enough things to do in Las Vegas that are great for you and your family!

Who Is That Beautiful Dog?

Of course, you’ve noticed that beautiful Siberian Huskey in the photos.  That’s Dexter! Dexter is a rescue from California who has lived in Las Vegas for 8 years. Despite the fact that he looks like he should be in the snow, Dexter does fine in the hot Vegas summers because of the insulation his fur provides.  His favorite parks are Barkin Basin and Sunset Park.  However, he protests leaving any park by throwing himself on the ground and, Yes, doing the famous Huskey talk.