Las Vegas Parks

I have been an avid parkgoer for at least 25 years.  Despite the fact that I've lived 8 of those in the rainy northwest, I can say that no other location can beat the Las Vegas Parks. I love them so much, that this site was originally built to only include parks and their features.  My original frustration was that when I looked parks up online, I couldn't tell which parks had dog parks. Then it was splash pads. Then on to which park could I drive a remote control boat? So this site had to be made. Of course, the site advanced into additional categories for family-friendly activities in Las Vegas, but my original goal of organizing Las Vegas parks by feature is here. You can easily find one of the Las Vegas parks near you by looking through the interactive map or browsing the profile.  At any time, you can search by feature by either typing the feature (tennis, playground, etc) where it says "What are you looking for" or clicking on the feature icons within each listing. Some of the features you can browse are: