Las Vegas Dog Park Map

I moved to Las Vegas in 2010 and have owned a wide variety of dogs including a 105 lb Malamute, a 5 lb Chihuahua, and now Dexter, a mid-sized Huskey. With the two bigger pups, we had to visit parks every day.   I struggled to figure out where all of the great parks were, so I knew that creating a Las Vegas dog park map was needed.  In fact, it was my initial desire to create this site. In these listings, you will find which parks have fenced dog parks.  And, if you would like to find dog parks near you, simply browse through the map and click on the local area. All of the dog parks in the Las Vegas area are fenced and have an area of small dogs and a separate area for big dogs.  Some of them even have an area for what I call the "naughty dogs" who can't get along well with others. Most of the parks have a dog fountain and some of them even have agility toys and doggy splash pads.

Top dog parks in Las Vegas, I recommend:

Items To Bring To The Dog Park