24 Fantastic Family Activities to Enjoy in Vegas in 2024

From adrenaline-pumping adventures to serene nature spots, here’s a lineup of 24 engaging activities to make your family outings an unforgettable experience!

1. Visit Animal Sanctuaries

Discover Vegas beyond the strip by visiting animal sanctuaries like the Lion Habitat Ranch, the Las Vegas Farm or Seaquest.

Visit Animal In Las Vegas

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2. Win Prizes at an Arcade

Challenge each other to arcade games and have a blast winning prizes together at one of Vegas’ many family-friendly arcades.

Vegas Arcades

3. Play HORSE at a Basketball Court

Head to a local basketball court and engage in a friendly game of HORSE, perfect for both kids and adults.

Parks With Outdoor Basketball Courts

4. Grill Burgers at the Park

Enjoy a delightful picnic at a park, firing up the grill for some mouthwatering burgers and quality family time.

Parks With Barbeque Grills

5. “Find The Signs” Bike Ride Challenge

Embark on a bike ride and turn it into a thrilling game of “Find The Signs.” The one who spots the most signs along the way wins!

Parks with Biking, Walking and Running Paths

6. Go Bowling

Experience the joy of strikes and spares together at one of Vegas’ fantastic bowling alleys.

Bowling Alleys

7. Play Frisbee Golf

Take a walk in the park and engage in a fun round of Frisbee golf, enjoying the beautiful outdoor settings.

Vegas Parks With Disc Golf

8. Visit a Duck Pond

Spend a serene afternoon feeding ducks and exploring nature at a nearby duck pond.

Parks With Duck Ponds

9. Ride Go Karts

Feel the rush of adrenaline as you race each other in go-karts at one of Vegas’ exciting tracks.

Go Karts in Vegas

10. Play Horseshoes at the Park

Unwind at a park and engage in a classic game of horseshoes, perfect for a relaxed family afternoon.

Parks With Hoseshoe Pits

11. Go Ice Skating

Cool down and have a fantastic time ice skating at one of Vegas’ ice rinks.

Ice Skateing Rinks Near You

12. Visit an Indoor Playground

Let the kids run wild and expend their energy at an indoor playground filled with slides, tunnels, and fun obstacles.

Indoor Playground Near You

13. Play Mini Golf

Putt your way through themed mini-golf courses, offering challenges for every skill level.

Mini Golf Courses

14. Get Crafty Together

Explore your creative side by engaging in crafty activities!

Crafty Events In Las Vegas

15. “The Floor Is Lava” Playground Adventure

Turn a playground visit into an exciting game of “The Floor Is Lava,” hopping and skipping to avoid imaginary hotspots.

Vegas Parks With Playgrounds

16. Go Swimming

Cool off from the Vegas heat by taking a dip in a refreshing pool or water park.

Pools & Water Parks In Vegas

17. Go to a Pumpkin Patch

During the fall season, explore a pumpkin patch for some family-friendly autumn fun.

Pumpkin Patches In Las Vegas

18. Go Rock Climbing

Challenge each other on rock climbing walls, available at various indoor and outdoor venues.

Rock Climbing Venues

19. Have a Sand Castle Competition

Get creative and build sandcastles at a park’s sandpit, competing to see who crafts the most impressive one.

Vegas Parks With Sand Areas

20. Visit a Splash Pad

Let the kids splash around and have a blast at a splash pad, perfect for hot days.

Find A Splash Pad Near You

21. Attend Storytime at a Local Library

Engage young minds with storytime sessions at nearby libraries, fostering a love for reading.

Vegas Library Near You

22. Bounce Battle at a Trampoline Park

Jump, flip, and compete in a bounce battle at a trampoline park, an exhilarating activity for the entire family.

Trampoline Park Near You

23. Sign Up for a Fun Run

Join a family-friendly fun run to promote fitness and have a great time together.

List Of Fun Runs In Vegas

24. Attend a Festival

Experience the vibrant culture of Vegas by attending family-friendly festivals that showcase local art, music, and food.

Upcoming Vegas Festivals

Enjoy these 24 diverse activities with your family in Vegas, creating lasting memories and moments of laughter in the entertainment capital of the world!