7 Kids Shows With Beats So Hot, They Could Headline a Vegas Club

Kids Shows With BeatS So Hot
They Could Headline A Vegas Club

In Vegas, we have the best entertainment coming through every week.  But not all of it is kid-friendly.  Hopefully, with this blog, you have some ideas to get that high-energy dance vibe at home with your family!

7. & 8. Mini Pop Kids & Kidz Bop 

These two may be cheating on this blog title because they don’t make original music.  But let’s face it, neither do a lot of the performers now on the Vegas Strip.   

These channels are a God-Send to parents who love a song and then gasp at the lyrics when they realize their child should not be listening to it. Both channels perform top hits with edited lyrics to make them kid-friendly. Consider these groups the G version of your favorite songs.

Mini Pop Kids is a Canadian group started in the 80s of kids aged 9-14 performing family-friendly bowdlerized cover versions of your favorite pop songs. In 2001, Kidz Bop, an American group, joined the scene doing the same thing. 

Mini Pop Kids is Canada’s #1 kids’ music group with over a million albums sold, sold-out nationwide tours, over 30 MILLION views on YouTube, and topping the iTunes and Billboard charts.

The Kidz Bop brand has had staying power since its debut in 2001 and has released the best-selling children’s albums for several years; Kidz Bop 25 in 2014,[20] Kidz Bop 27 in 2015,[21] and Kidz Bop 31 in 2016.[22]

Kidz Bop Station

Mini Pop Kids (MPK)

6. The Trolls

The Trolls have rocked out 3 great movies earning them a place on this list. Trolls, Trolls World Tour and Trolls Band Together all pump out well-known classics and new jams made just for the colorful bunch.  

As of the writing of this blog, the third movie is still in theaters so we don’t know the chart results.  But both of the first two movie soundtracks topped the Billboard charts for Kids Album. 

But really, if a franchise includes the musical talents of Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Zooey Deschanel, Gwen Stefani, Chance the Rapper, Kelly Clarkson, Kid Cudi, Daveed Diggs, and Camila Cabello and more aren’t mentioned on this list, then something would be wrong.

5. Scratch Garden

Because this group generally leans towards a rock/folk musical style, I wouldn’t put this next group’s music as a Vegas Strip casino club headliner, but a downtown club nonetheless.

Prepare to rewind their videos laughing when you hear Scratch Garden’s lyrics. They are educational, yet ridiculous in the best way possible.  You and your kids will be singing these songs for weeks after hearing them.

There is one aspect of Scratch Garden that made me do a double-take to see what was going on.  That is their occasional hip-hop–infused rock tunes that drop a Lin-Manual Miranda / Beastie Boy style rap into the songs.  The first time I heard it was in their “Don’t Step In The Lava” song.   It’s not in a lot of their songs, but when they do it, it’s gold and hard to ignore. I, for one, hope it comes into their songs more in the future.  

Canadian Web Developer and Flash animator Steve Newberry started the Scratch Garden channel in 2012. Behind the music are his family members Susan Newberry and David Newberry. 

4. Bluey

If you have a child, and you don’t know about Bluey, then you need to come out from under the rock you’re living under.  Bluey’s family, the Heelers, live a life filled with creative adventures all to an amazingly beautiful and diverse soundtrack.  

The show’s music is composed by Joff Bush and he has said that each episode has its own musical style.  And that is very clear. There are touches of folk and traditional Irish music.  The classical works touch on Beethoven, Bach, Holst, and Tchaikovsky.  

However, if you have seen this show, you know this blog can not be complete without the mention of one episode “DANCE MODE!”

In the episode, the family activates “Dance Mode” on other family members which forces them to start dancing if music is playing wherever they go.  The episode ends on an incredible club beat that, if you start playing around your house, you won’t stop dancing.

Another great dance beat in Bluey is from an Episode called The Claw which spins Pacabell’s Canon in D into a fast-paced techno beat. I also may be biased because Canon in D is one of my favorite songs.

3. D Billions

With over 2.6 billion views on the video, my first introduction to D Billions was with their song “Shake, Shake your body! Clap, Clap, Cha Cha Cha!” – The video is a simple tune with the character Cha Cha doing a goofy dance holding onto pink balloons. At first, I thought it was a strange little clip but soon found myself singing the song all the time.

However, I wouldn’t consider “Shake Your Body” quite Vegas club-worthy. But as you climb down the D Billions rabbit hole you’ll find most of their songs have spectacular grooves.  And it’s no surprise since the channel was the project of Ernist Umetaliev, sound engineer, music producer, and owner of Eka Records in Kyrgyzstan.  

D Billions is a Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan group consisting of Asko Anarkulove (Cha-Cha), Darina Vekua (Lya Lya), Sarry Shka (Chicky), and Janybek Jenishbekov (Boom Boom).

Along with the beats, one of the aspects that brings this group together musically are two of the singers Asko Anarkulov (Chicky) & Janybek Jenishbekov (Boom Boom) who are noticeably professional singers. Chicky tackles the tenor notes and you can not leave this channel w/out noticing Boom Boom’s incredible bass vocals.

D Billions visually has great use of vibrant primary colors and exaggerated expressions. The content of the channel is valuable information presented in the silliest way possible.

Back in Kyrgyzstan, D Billions was awarded a certificate of honor by the prime minister for their cultural contributions and was called the “pride of the country”.

2. Super Kitties

I think the mouse in charge is the reason Disney took this long to venture into a Superhero cat TV show.  But when they did it, Disney didn’t mess around. And they went musically full force on their 2023 launch of Super Kitties. 

The Reddit headline “The “Super Kitties” Intro has NO business slapping as hard as it does” paints a clear picture as to what you’re getting musically with this show. 

Beginning with the theme song, you will be sucked in.  I thought Blu Cantrell was back in the game for this, but it is Carmen Carter.  

Get ready to dance. Because, within every 2-part episode you’ll find one high-energy dance song sprinkled in.  These songs are often sung by the villains right after they’re highlighted in a comic-book-styled freeze frame. 

The original music comes from Keith Harrison Dworkin who is known for his contributions to Grace and Frankie, The Hip Hop Nutcracker, Cinderella, and more. And Vidjay Beerepoot puts the music together as the composer.

1. Danny Go

Topping this list is Danny Go.

Don’t even bother attempting to sit with Danny Go on. We quickly became obsessed with Danny Go when we first saw his “Sharks In The Water” video. 

The Danny Go YouTube Channel is a master of pretend play with interactive videos that get kids swimming to avoid sharks, running through deserts, beating an ice king in snow, and more. And all of this is done to sick beats. The channel does have some other great videos that don’t have songs, but that’s not why they’re on this blog. 

Daniel Coleman is Danny Go highlighting this channel with his enthusiastic personality,  expressions, and singing. Along with Danny, you’ll find 7 other characters popping in and out of the videos. But the other two contributing to the music are Pap Pap (Matthew Padgett) as songwriter and Bearhead (Michael Finster) who is producing those beats that are rocking our socks off.

For an exciting adventure and infectious tunes, join Danny Go and his lively crew on their YouTube Channel.

At this point of this article, I am expecting that you and your kids are off dancing to one of the recommendations above.  But, for those of you who are left, follow us for more familyfun.Vegas content!


If you have additions to this list, leave them in the comments below!